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ImageFashion pack’s favourite Veritas by Carrie K takes its newest arrival to Doorstep Luxury. The Grit Collection is a minimalistic approach to urban luxury. Made from sterling silver and semi precious stones, the pieces are great to be worn both day and night.

minimal approach

Embrace the gold trend with the Hard Chain Bracelet (Yellow Gold) or Perfect Square Bracelet (Yellow Gold) in its most beautiful organic shape, also available in (White Gold), (Rose Gold), (Black Gold). They are perfect to be worn alone or stacked together. Pair them with white for the weekend for some classic cool. (Also in line with the current white on white outfit trend)

Veritas by Carrie K. jewellery celebrates honesty and being true to oneself. It rejoices in what is real rather than what seems flawless and cherishes imperfection as that is what gives us individuality. This is reflected in Carolyn’s use of rough-looking semi polished black quartz stone. The pieces are set against 925 sterling silver chain, with some pieces featuring a classic lock clasp closure.

The Rutilated Quartz Chain Gang Bracelet can also be linked or combined with Rutilated Quartz Chain Gang Necklace.

Fools’ Gold Double Trouble Necklace

The Fools’ Gold Double Trouble Necklace featuring duo iron pyrite stones is our favourite design among all the favourites 🙂 because of the different ways it can be worn. We always love designs that gives the wearer versatility to his/her style.

Carrie K.’s jewellery allows you to whisper you mood, shout your passion, affirm your attitude and ultimately declare your truth through what you wear. Veritas by Carrie K. encapsulates the essence of the Carrie K. spirit with distinct collections of handcrafted, limited production pieces for those who value the quality instead of quantity.