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Introducing the new jewellery label to join our Doorstep Luxury contemporary jewellery range. By Invite Only is a Singapore home grown label founded by Trixie Khong in 2009. The label itself has three particular Stylelines: Nature//Nurture, Epoch, and Lady Whimsy. The first line that is due to join Doorstepluxury.com mid March 2012 will be her Nature//Nurture series.

Mainly inspired by circus in the 18th century and the victorian era, BIO™ blends soft touches of nostalgia into urban contemporary look. The pieces are surely great for everyday wear or heart-felt gifts to love ones!

The Nature//Nurture (Nature verses Nurture) stylines is built upon the idea of  environmental and natural elements, together with personal experiences play a part in shaping great individuals all around the world.

This line (ranged from necklace, ring, earring, and bracelet) involves inmitable natural materials like semi-precious stones such as quartz, citrine, turquoise stone, etc paired with BIO’s Gold and Silver element to create a new look – bohemian yet contemporary.

Each jewellery has a unique feeling, since it is made of natural stone, thus no exact piece is alike, making it an individual style statement. These natural stone also believed to have an physical and metaphysical qualities for the wearer such as quartz to dispels negativity, while turquoise stone is for wisdom.
Which one describes you?
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